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Don't spend hours getting naff online quotes that are WAY below what your bike is worth! We're a local business that take pride in offering a great price and a great service, and man our website daily to ensure we respond to every enquiry that comes through - personally! We don't automate things so you get an instant price, as we feel you'll often get much less than what you wanted. Most automated sites will calculate the lowest book price without even seeing the bike! We're passionate about motorcycles and therefore we'll take time to go through the finer details of every second hand bike that we're offered. Making sure we know exactly what we can put in our showroom, and YOU get the very best price.



If you're looking to sell, we're looking to buy. We've been buying and selling used bikes across the country and relish the opportunity to take the van somewhere local! Driving round Bradwell Common, Heelands, Oldbrook and Fishermead is much easier on the belly, as we can only eat so many pasties in that short time!

Whatever the reason you're selling, you're sure to get a great price selling locally!



Manager Ian says: ‘As the owner, I have been riding bikes since I was a child and have only ever worked within the bike trade. A few years later, as a young salesman, I was told ‘running a great bike shop is easy; you just need to sell the very best bikes and man it with the very best people’. So this is what I have done. There are many aesthetically attractively and pleasing showrooms and many prettier buildings made from glass and with air conditioning. In my opinion, I don’t think that customers always want this. What they do want is the best bike, prepared by trustworthy people and for the very best price. This is what we aim to provide.’

When you then buy a used bike from us, it will be prepared in our own workshop which is led by our top bike whizz, Pete Ball. Pete has decades of valuable experience and knowledge on all brands and has only ever been a professional mechanic. Our workshop ruins in the traditional way, when you bring your bike back to use for service or repair. Pete will be able to help you here. We thoroughly carry out servicing and repairs to most makes and we also fit discounted tyres and carry out MOT testing all on site 5 days a week for your convenience.

Our retail showroom has been opened for over 8 years now and has a reputation for selling immaculate bikes. As our reputation grows so does demand. We therefore need more and more bikes hence why We Buy Used Bikes was created.  We love to ride bikes and want to buy your unwanted bike.

So if you live within or on the outskirts and Milton Keynes and find yourself asking ‘Where can I Sell My Motorbike in Milton Keynes?’ then we want to hear from you! Contact us today by completing the enquiry form below.

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