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If you were looking for a quick, cash deal on your used sports bike, you have come to the right place. We Buy Used Bikes will offer a great incentive for people wanting to get rid of their old bike from the garage or shed.

If your motorbike has been well maintained over the years and you consider yourself to be a careful owner, chances are that We Buy Used Bikes will offer a cash offer for your bike that can be taken care of in a short space of time.


Use our quick quote form available here on our website to fill out the information on your sportbike we take almost any make or model as long as they are in generally in good condition. A representative will get back to you within a day, to let you know. If successful we can arrange a pick up of your vehicle from a time and place that suits you. 


If you find that you have lost the thrill of having a sports bike due to changing in circumstances or for family, the money generated from the sale of your old bike can be invested into other areas. Trade in that old motorcycle it’s speed, acceleration and manoeuvring for something a little more designed for long Sunday drives.


    A Sports bike or 'sportbike' has become more and more popular with riders since the 1950's and the introduction of the Honda CB92. The key selling points of any sportsbike are speed, acceleration, braking and maneuverability. The comfort, or as it's more recently defined as 'the ergonomics' of the design are more a factor with sports bikes than the function, which usually means you'll find higher foot pegs and more of a reach to the clip-on handlebars, pushing the body forward for improved aerodynamics.

    The range of sport bikes available has risen immensely since the 1990s, with a tonne of variations such as the naked bike and streetfighter with removed fairings and the road bike style you'd see in the Isle of Man TT races or Silverstone.

    The Inline-four engines are a prevalant power-house behind the typical sport bike, with V-twins being a popular option. A typical inline-four or 'straight-four' as it's name suggests is a four cylinder engine with it's cylinders mounted in a straight line along the crankcase. With power, you need superior braking. The high performance brake pads are typically crafted from a variety of compounds including carbon-ceramic to sintered and are available for many types of riding, but most offer resistance to contaminents and function at a high temperature. The disc brakes are also high-quality, with multi-piston calipers that clamp over the larger vented rotors, giving you the stopping power needed for driving at speed.

    One of the key design elements of a sport bike is the combination of engine position, rider position and the geometry of the bike, with weight distrubution from front-to-back affecting the bike's overall handling and cornering. The tyres are generally larger and wider than other bikes which offer greater lean when cornering.

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