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  • Easy to contact us, email, landline, mobile, or Fax. Our customers can even Tweet us or contact us on Facebook! In fact, we have made it easy for you to contact us at any reasonable time of the day. We want to talk to you and we take every enquiry seriously.
  • Professional Team. We do this for a living, buying bike’s is our livelihood so we have to be good at it. We have all the tools and resources required to do the job well, so if we say we are coming Tuesday at 8.00 PM we will disturb Coronation Street! You can expect us to be there on time – every time!
  • Honest and established business who have now been involved in buying bikes for over 26 years. When we make an offer, it’s real, a genuine offer. As long as you have described the bike properly our offer will be honoured – EVERY time.
  • The very best trade price for your bike. We need to buy bikes to survive and we understand the need to pay good money for good bikes, so we do. You can be assured that we are keen buyers and we pay top trade prices.
  • Finance settled. We work with all the major Motorcycle finance companies, so we can confirm outstanding HP balances, obtain settlement figures and swiftly pay off any outstanding amounts directly.
  • We come to you! Of course you are very welcome to visit our premises yourself, but most sellers will be pleased to hear that we collect over 70% of the bikes we buy.
  • Safe Payment. We offer a range of payment methods, all immediate, all safe and it’s your choice!
  • No tax? No MOT? No Problem! When we sell your bike, we will need to re MOT it anyway, so there is absolutely no need for you to go to the trouble or expense of putting the bike through an MOT or obtaining a new tax disc.
  • We do the Paperwork. We will complete the V5C Registration documents and know exactly which bit gets sent where (and who keeps what) You wont get any speeding tickets or parking fines from any bike after you have sold it to us!

So by selling your bike to us, you will get maximum price, maximum safety and convenience, with minimum fuss. And you can’t say fairer than that!

Once you have decided to part with your pride and joy, we promise to make the whole process as easy and as painless as possible.

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