Why we're the bike trader UK enthusiasts love

29 June 2019

At We Buy Used Bikes, we can think of many reasons why bike enthusiasts respect us and the way we approach the market.

The aim of our business is to buy used motorbikes for our retail showroom at the fairest prices, and we’ve been doing exactly that for 25 years.

Here’s why we’re the bike trader UK enthusiasts love!

1. We are bike enthusiasts ourselves

Our own passion for bikes and our understanding of why others share that passion is why we’re the bike trader UK enthusiasts love.

Not only is our team a group of experienced professionals, but we’re down to earth bike lovers who love what we do every day.

2. We buy virtually any bike

A top reason we are the bike trader enthusiasts love is simply: we buy any bike! If your bike is under ten years old and in good condition, we will more than likely buy it from you, and for a great price.

We are also experienced in handling a wide range of motorbike makes and models.

3. We pay competitive prices

A great reason why we think we’re the bike trader UK enthusiasts love is the competitive prices we offer for the used bikes we buy.

Whether you sell to us once, or you’re a bike enthusiast who likes to change their ride more often, you can come to us knowing that you will get a great price paid for your used bike.

We provide a quote for your bike not just based on the make and model, but also the condition you’ve given it to us in. We recognise that while some bike owners have neglected their bike of the same model, you may have taken good care of yours, and that will reflect in the price we offer you.

4. We do not charge a fee sell your motorbike

Some companies and other used bike sellers can charge fees of up to £150 for their team to quote and come out to inspect your bike upon collection. We’re the bike trader enthusiasts love because we do not charge a penny for you to sell your motorbike.

At We Buy Used Bikes, all you need to do is fill out our simple enquiry form online, which we will respond to as quickly as we can, and if you accept our offer, we come out and collect your bike locally, for free!

5. Nationwide reach

Although we are based in the midlands region, (including Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Leicester and Cambridge) we’re the bike trader UK enthusiasts love because of our nationwide reach.

We have ‘buying teams’ that can handle the purchase of your bike all over the UK, so no matter where you live, you can choose us to buy your bike!

Wrapping up

At We Buy Used Bikes, we pride ourselves on being a no-fuss, approachable bike trader that all bike enthusiasts love to come to when they want to sell their bike.

We hope you agree with the five above simple reasons why we’re a top, trusted bike trader in the UK.

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