Why we buy used bikes

16 December 2018

You may have guessed from our name, but in case you didn’t know, we buy used motorbikes!

And we love doing it.

There are many reasons why bikers might want to sell their motorbike. They may have saved up for an upgrade, have other commitments, or need to pack in the lifestyle for good (hey, it happens – we won’t judge).

Likewise, as lovers of all things motorbike related, there are many reasons why we buy used bikes:

1. We want to give your bike a second chance

At We Buy Used Bikes, we believe every motorcycle deserves a second chance. And while the bike you’re selling to us might not be for you anymore, we’re certain it’s the perfect fit for someone else.

We’d hate to see a bike you no longer want get rusty and worn out in your garage. When the time comes, and you no longer feel the need for your bike, sell it to us and let us pass it on to another enthusiast. We love the idea of a bike being ‘re-enjoyed’, and for you to get a great deal on your used bike!

2. We get satisfaction from buying your bike

Biking isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. We love being the knights in shining armour that provide the best possible price for someone’s bike so that they can ride into the sunset and begin a new adventure with a new bike.

Whether you’ve decided to upgrade, downsize or buy the bike you’ve always wanted, we want to help that journey by buying your old bike to release those important funds.

3. We enjoy restoring and selling used bikes

As long as your bike is under ten years old, we’re likely to buy it. As bike enthusiasts ourselves, we love nothing more than polishing up an older bike and bringing it back to life for a new owner to enjoy. Who wants to see their motorbike waste away in a cold, dark garage when it can become somebody else’s pride and joy and get the use it deserves?

Our extensive knowledge of bike history, performance and maintenance is precisely why we love buying used rides.

4. We like trying out different bikes

Many people who sell their bike to us aren’t looking to give up the biking life for good, and some people may just be looking for an upgrade.

Like you, we love testing out and learning about all the bikes that pass through our shop, increasing our knowledge and experience with a variety of machines, helping us to recommend the perfect bike to any motorbike enthusiast at any level.

Wrapping up

Here at We Buy Used Bikes, we are passionate about helping our customers have the ride of their lives. Ultimately, we want to buy your used bike so it can be enjoyed again and again by fellow bikers.

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