Where's the best place to buy a bike shed?

22 December 2015

Where's the best place to buy a bike shed?

Winter is a sad old time for us bikers. We spend all our summer weekends zooming around the country, exploring new roads, taking part in competitions and enjoying the thrill of burnt rubber on hot tarmac. Then winter sets in, and the bike gets relegated to the driveway. It's tarpaulin cloak only further dampening it's sorry face as dark nights draw in and rides become less comfortable. Of course not everyone gives in to the weather, but for casual riders who just want a weekend jount, there's always a period of downtime.

This week, we take a look at some of the bike sheds available online for you to store your precious ride. 

Brodco Motorbike Shed

These guys specialise in garden buildings and strongrooms, and have spent years designing and perfecting their steel outdoor buildlings to fit perfectly into any garden or yard. Their research must be precise, because they currently only offer one size of bikeshed.
Measuring in at 225cm at the peak height of it's semi-transparent domed roof it's the tallest in our review, offering a 195cm head clearance and ample room for accessories and tools. If you're looking for storage that's the most secure, these guys seem to have it wrapped up. Their 'DaylightSECURE' range ensures a practical storage solution for motorbikes that are strengthened against thieves to achieve 'police approved' status amongst their competitors. They're constructed from TPR concrete for maximum strength with a reduced risk of condensation. Doors are double-skinned steel with hidden vents in the top corners, allowing airflow, making this a solid and long lasting entry in our review. We're not sure how their two options 'strongroom' and 'strongroom' are related to this product, but they do look very bulky and intimidating.

They ship all over the UK via their website www.brodco.co.uk

MK Motorcycle Garage

Over to our next contender, we head over to MK Containers who have 5 sizes of bike garage available. Very basic in terms of design, these galvanized steel 'sheds' look more like boxes, but feature some nice additions including a miniature ramp allowing you to stand and fix them anywhere. Each box features an up and over steel door The smaller sizes barely seem to fit a bike in, let alone get off it and walk out, however thier larger range of 'Bikesafe' storage units might be a better fit for you if you're a bit claustrophobic. The units are self-assembly with three external locking points for security and no external hinges. The galvanized finish makes them weather and rust proof and will allow painting to soften the 'big chrome box' look. Lengths range from 220 to 300cm in length and from 108-138cm width.

You can find out more at www.mk-containers.co.uk

Protect-a-Bike Motorcycle Storage

Another contender in the market is Protect-A-Bike. With three refined models ranging from a width of 131-176cm, it means there's enough room for your 'other' bike too (just don't tell the mrs). The heights are all fixed at 210cm at the tallest point of the steel apex roof. The build quality conforms to Lloyds ISO level which although means nothing to us, sounds mightily impressive, even if it still just looks like a regular shed. Maybe that's the selling point? It doesn't stand out as a bike storage box, it just sits there timidly blending into your garden. Whilst inside there are ground anchors, a free PIR sensor alarm and outside a secondary door lock.  These fellas offer a 25 year guarantee on their pvc coated steel panel sided bikesheds, and are the only motorcycle garage manufacturers in the UK approved to security rating 1 and 2 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. With an impressive website to boot, it's no doubt Protect-a-Bike would be our first choice for secure bike storage.

You can see their products by visiting www.protectabike.co.uk/

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