What sets top-end bikes out from the rest

20 August 2019

Top-end bikes aren’t affordable for all but can offer benefits over the more basic models if you’re thinking of making the effort to save up or already have the money to upgrade your ride.

If you haven’t quite made up your mind, here’s what sets top end bikes out from the rest!

1. Speed

While we know the speed limits are the same for everybody, there’s nothing wrong with having that bit of extra oomph. Yamaha or Ducati are famous for their head-turners when it comes to speed and looks!

Maybe you enjoy track days and really want to open up the throttle to see how your top-end motorbike really performs, or you just like having that extra kick of acceleration just when you need it.

2. Handling

What good is speed if you can’t hang on in the corners? A top-end motorbike, whether it’s one of the most famous Japanese, UK, or German manufacturers will always have a greater level of precision control and stability as the price-tag and tech features rise.

Traction control and ABS are important factors but don’t forget the basics. Having road-legal tyres with appropriate tread style for your chassis is critical, so ask your brand’s dealer for recommendations.

3. Craftsmanship

A top-end bike isn’t necessarily all about the latest gadgets and the 0-60 statistics. When all is said and done, a top-end bike will usually offer the highest levels of precision components both machined and handmade.

Brands and riders alike see the benefits of a handmade touch on their top-end bikes, but the reliability and precision of CAD parts using the latest advancements in technology give clear benefits when it comes to our next point.

4. Longevity

When you buy into a top-end motorcycle, enjoying it is the short-term goal but it doesn’t hurt to keep one eye on the future. Remembering to keep up-to-date with your service and maintenance schedule not only ensures your enjoyment, but it’ll also keep the value up should you decide to sell it later.

The craftsmanship, styling and the mixture of high-end machined and handmade parts on a top-end bike will keep your interest, not to mention the interest of potential future buyers. The best maintenance on a quality product will always appeal to collectors.

5. Brand integrity

Simply, the integrity of top-end bike brands can set them out from the rest! Owning a bike from manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Triumph or Ducati is a dream most bike enthusiasts have, and would definitely set your ride out from the rest if you own one.

BMW is a top name in cars which transfers to their motorbike range and seeing the likes of Yamaha or Kawasaki tear up the circuits of the world with the top riders in racing adds to their appeal on the road. As a top-end motorcycle enthusiast, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a fine brand with the highest levels of quality.

Wrapping up

The build quality and styling of a top-end bike combined with its brand history and current potency in motorsports show why top-end bikes really stand out from the crowd.

Fellow enthusiasts and knowledgeable critics can help you focus on a specific model, but hopefully, we’ve given you a few things to think about!

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