Raining? No problem! 5 reasons to ride your motorbike when its wet

5 February 2018

Raining? No problem! 5 reasons to ride your motorbike when its wet

Motorcyclists Rarely Need A Reason To Ride, But For Many, The Sight Of Rain Is A Real Dampener - Literally.

Unfortunately, If That Sounds Like You, You’re Missing Out On One Hell Of A Ride - And A Serious Amount Of Learning.

Riding In The Rain Is Absolutely Fine, And If You Undertake It Safely And With The Right Mindset, It Will Make The World Of Difference To What You Can Do On A Motorbike.

It’s Worth Bearing In Mind That Riding In The Rain Is The Most Fun When You’re Geared Up Properly. The Right Helmet With Decent Ventilation And An Anti Fog Visor Will Make A Huge Difference, As Will Weatherproof Gloves.

However, If You Still Need Convincing That Riding In The Rain Is A Good Idea, Here’s Five Reasons To Get On Your Bike When The Heavens Open:

1. It’ll Make You Feel Good About Your Riding Ability (And Cooler Than The Rest)

This One Is Simple: If You Get Out On Your Bike When It Rains, You’re Leaving Behind Countless Others Who Have Decided To Stay Indoors And Watch The Moto Gp On Tv Instead.

And That Makes You Significantly Cooler Than Them - But It Will Also Make You Feel Good About What You Can Do On Two Wheels.

2. You’ll Get The Road To Yourself

Ok, Probably Not All Of It, But With Other People Avoiding The Wet Weather, You Should Find That You Get Large Swathes Of The Back Roads To Yourself When It’s Raining.

3. You’ll Avoid Queues

When It Rains, The Queues At Your Favourite Coffee Shop Will Probably Be Shorter, Just As They Will Be At That Place You Usually Buy Your Mid-ride Sandwich From.

People Don’t Go Out In The Rain, Which Means You’ll Get More Of The World To Yourself!

4. You’ll Educate Yourself

Riding In Rain And Other Hazardous Weather Is A Great Method Of Forced Education.

Under Slippery Conditions, You’ll Feel More Inclined To Slow Down, Concentrate Harder And Ride Smoothly. This Attention To Detail Will Make You A Much Better Rider In The Dry, Too.

5. It’ll Heighten Your Senses

One Of The Great Things About Riding Against The Elements Is That You’ll Heighten Your Senses.

This Is Because The Abundance Of Smells And Fluctuations In Temperature Will Make For A Far More Visceral Ride. That Means It’ll Be More Fun, But Also Ensures You’ll Have Your Wits About You. Again - This Will Pay Off Big Time When The Weather Is Better.

Wrapping Up

Still Unsure About Riding In The Rain? Thought Not! So, Next Time Mother Nature Throws Merry Hell At Your Town, Get Suited And Get Out On That Bike.

Just Remember To Give It A Good Clean Afterwards…!

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