Planning for summer: essential summer motorbike accessories

27 March 2019

While the warmer weather might trick you into thinking you don’t need as much motorbike gear, planning your motorbike clothing and accessories for the summer is equally as important as during the winter.

As the saying goes, “dress for the fall, not for the ride” and therefore, even in the summer, there are some motorbike accessories you need to stay safe and comfortable on the road.

Here’s some essential motorbike accessories for the summer.

1. Jackets

While it might be tempting to ditch the jacket when the weather picks up, we know that jackets are still a necessary requirement for safety when riding your motorbike in the warmer months.

But never fear; for the summer, you can pick up a jacket which has a more breathable material than a standard winter jacket, but with all the necessary protective properties.

They’re still designed to provide ultimate protection but keep you looking and feeling cool on those warmer days.

2. Unlined or waterproof gloves

Ditch your thick leather gloves for the summer season and pick out a pair with the same protection but with a more lightweight feel.

During the winter, insulated leather gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm and the blood circulating in your joints, but during the summer, you need protection without all of the insulation.

Choosing unlined or waterproof gloves will provide you with the same protection from the elements and impact, but with a more breathable and sweat-proof material to keep you comfortable during your ride.

3. Breathable riding boots

It might also be tempting to just wear a pair of trainers instead of riding boots in the summer, due to thicker winter riding boots being too heavy and uncomfortable in the warmer weather.

This is at risk to your safety, and therefore you have the perfect excuse to buy some brand new lightweight riding boots.

Opt instead for some shorter ankle boots, or if you’d prefer something casual for the summer, you can pick up some ‘urban shoes’ that look a lot like trainers but still provide the necessary protection for your feet.

4. Helmet

The warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to jazz up your biker outfit with a new helmet.

It can get sweaty and hot inside a full-face helmet in the summer, so consider popping on those shades and investing in an open-face helmet. It’s essential to keep your head well protected, but give you a feeling of freedom when riding along.

5. Hydration pack

Dehydration during your summer rides can be real, so making sure that you get enough water during those longer summer adventures is crucial to keeping you safe and healthy, on and off the road.

Choose a hydration pack that you can wear like a backpack, so you can keep hydrated hands-free. Then, you don’t need to keep stopping for breaks which may break your stride and ride enjoyment.

Wrapping up

Swapping between summer and winter motorbike accessories is an essential way to look good, stay comfortable but remain safe on your bike.

There are countless products out there for the warmer months so you can maintain your biker image all year round.

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