Non-motorbike related things to do to take your mind off selling your motorbike

18 May 2018

If the time has come to part with your motorbike, you may be left feeling bereft and down hearted.

We all know that riding a motorbike can be an expensive hobby, but saying goodbye to your bike can be hard. Whether you’re selling to free up some cash, to trade in for a car or even just because you’re not able to give your bike all the love it deserves, it can be a real wrench when you eventually have to part with it.

Take your mind off breaking up with your bike with these top tips, instead:

1. Plan a holiday

If your bike has been a labour of love for many years, you may not have had enough spare cash to treat yourself to a decent holiday.

Focus on the windfall coming your way, and start browsing holiday deals online. Trade your greasy overalls for some new swimwear and some sun cream instead!

2. Look at cars

It’s possible that a change in lifestyle is forcing you to sell your beloved bike.

If you have a baby on the way for example, or simply need a bigger, more reliable form of transportation, it could be time to start looking for a new car.

Whilst car dealers can be frustrating, and narrowing down your top choices can seem to take forever, researching your next car is an excellent way to take you mind off of selling your motorbike.

3. Transform your garage

Many of us bike lovers will turn our garages into shrines for all things motorcycle related.

Not only does it offer a warm, dry home for our bikes, it’s usually where all those afternoons spent tinkering take place, too.

Once your bike has gone, you can repurpose your garage to suit your needs. Go all out and convert the space into an extra living area, or simply just have a good old tidy up and turn it into a clean, usable storage space once more.

4. Find a new hobby

Often, we don’t choose the biking lifestyle, it somehow seems to choose us. But now that chapter of your life is coming to an end, it’s time to find a new way to spend your free time.

Join the gym, take up golf or keep your love of the two wheels alive by choosing the more genteel option of buying a pushbike. Cycling with the family can be just as much fun as riding a motorbike, and you can get just as involved in the social aspect, too.

5. Buy a new bike

Sometimes the best way to take your mind off selling your bike is to start planning which one you’ll purchase next!

Perhaps you’d like to trade up to a sportier model, or slow down with something a little more classic. Whatever type of bike you’re looking for next, the thrill is often in the chase.

Once your bike has been sold and the money is burning a hole in your pocket, you can start to scour the For-Sale ads once again to find your next, perfect two-wheeled companion!

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