New App lets you inform the council of dodgy roads

25 January 2016

New App lets you inform the council of dodgy roads

It's been the bain of any rider's happiness for years - dodgy roads.

With all the cutbacks over recent years, there will always be areas that get affected by them the most, and for regular road users we often find ourselves wondering whether UK roads are one of them.

iphone app fixmystreetPotholes, missing road signs, incorrectly painted road markings and surface damage are all major issues, particularly to motorcycle users who are ten times more likely to suffer an injury from uneven surfaces. An inch too deep or wide and that bit of rough road that cars can so easily accomodate, could be a catastrophie for any rider, unmounting them and leaving them vulnerable to other road users.

As frustrating as it can be to discover these issues, it's often unclear where and to whom it should be reported. Getting through to the right people at your local council can be a mission in itself. Emails get lost, your call gets put through to a million people or you just don't know whether anything is being done.

With this great little app for the smartphone, you can now send them your local issues in a few clicks. Take a snap on your phone, confirm your location as it automatically detects your whereabouts. Send a few details of the issue and it forwards all the information to your local council. There is also some integration for local councils to receive a 'feed' which would make things much easier for them to get the information. This would dramatically improve the communication between us, the rider and them, the people we curse every time we hit a pothole!

Their website lets you do just as much from the comfort of your sofa too, with their website reflecting the same layout and features as their app. You can also set up alerts to show you what other people have been reporting local to you.

fix my street app

We really do hope this catches on and that councils embrace the opportunity to connect more with not just motorbike users, but all locals to help make roads safer and streets cleaner!

Check it out at or search 'fixmystreet' on your smartphone app store.

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