Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

27 November 2013

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

At we are very aware that keeping your motorbike in top condition is a must. Simple but regular checks are easy to do and may prevent serious or expensive problems occurring. Below are some vital ways to ensure your motorbike is kept in the best condition possible. Make sure to check fluid’s regularly. It has been reported that up to 1/3 of motorbike users forget to do this regularly. Oil level and brake fluids are essentials and should not be ignored. Therefore it is vital to check these fluids are maintained on a regular basis. Remember to check the bikes oil level on a flat piece of ground with the bike upright, some bikes have a dry sump and require a specific method to check the oil level. Check your owner's manual if there is any doubt. And always refer to the owner's manual when choosing the correct grade of oil to top up with. Brake & clutch fluid should not need replacing between services but leaks can occur & with a sight glass this is so easy to check there really is no excuse not to!

Tyres are another main must for keeping in check. When we asked our customers how many regularly checked their tyres we recorded 23% forget to keep up to date checks on their tyres. Rotate the tyre a full 360 degrees to check all the tread area for punctures, wear, bulges and damage. Also, keep an eye on the tread profile. If the tyre is used at the wrong pressure, the tread pattern will wear unevenly and this will affect handling and drastically shorten the useful life of the tyre. .

Lights. Faulty lights can be one of the biggest risks to bikers as they will cause visibility limitations and if you think like me, I‘m already expecting every car on the road to pull out in front of me and say “sorry mate I didn‘t see you!”. Yet we discovered that ¼ of our customers forgot to check their lights regularly. So remember to check them all!

Checking for rust. Although things have significantly improved over the years, it’s important to check for rust regularly. Older bikes used in all weathers are still prone to corrosion due to exposure to the elements, salt on roads and so forth. If you spot any signs of rust it's important to deal with them quickly so it does not become a serious problem. Common problems lead to leaking exhausts, seized brakes and seized suspension, but it can be even more serious, swing arm’s, seat units and even brake calliper mounts sometimes do rot through so have a regular ferret about to make sure all is well.

Wearing and checking a helmet is probably the most important thing to do when riding a motorcycle. It may seem obvious but it has been reported up to half of motorbike users in the UK forget to regularly check their helmet for any signs of cracking, chipping or crazing. It is important to acknowledge and remember a defective or weakened helmet may put your life at risk.

So if you are keeping your bike in good condition or if you decide ‘I want to sell my bike’ it’s best to think about all of the above points to ensure your bike is in the best condition that it can be.

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