Maintenance essentials when selling your motorbike

21 June 2018

If the time has come to part with your beloved bike, there are some minor maintenance tasks you should tend to before it goes up for sale.

Most buyers will want to inspect the bike themselves, of course, but they’ll probably also want to see all the relevant paperwork. And, let’s not forget - you’ll feel more confident asking for a good price if you know that it’s in tip-top condition.

MOTs and service schedules should all be up-to-date if you want to receive maximum bucks for your bike, but spending a little time ironing out any other creases can make it much more attractive to potential new buyers.

The used motorbike market is a competitive place. Increase your chance of getting the best price for your bike by following these 5 top tips:

1. Check the tyre pressures

The tyres on your bike are the only thing connecting it to the road, and incorrect tyre pressure can affect the handling, stability and overall safety of both you and other road users.

Any interested buyers will no doubt have a good old look at the tires on your bike, so make sure they look as healthy as possible.

With a decent and reliable tire gauge, check your tires when they are cold. Make sure you’re familiar with the recommended pressures for your particular make of tyre and take into consideration other variables such as the weight of the bike and the rider, the construction of the tyre and the temperature.

2. Change the oil and filter

Regular oil changes are essential for ensuring that all the moving components of your bike continue to run smoothly.

The oil filter helps to remove any unwanted contaminants that could be harmful to your engine. Provided that the oil is good and the filter is in full working order your bike should ride like a dream.

Having an oil and oil filter change prior to selling your bike will mean it purrs beautifully when ridden by a potential new owner. It also shows how well cared for your bike has been, which is another box ticked for many would-be buyers.

3. Check the brakes

Not only should you ensure that your bike feels tight and responsive while riding, you also want to be sure that it’s safe for the new owner to ride away on.

Having your brakes checked, and any worn components replaced, means that your bike will be ready for them to ride from the outset.

4. Check electronics including lights

While it may only cost a couple of quid and be an easy job for the new owner to replace a blown headlight, ensuring that all of your lights and electrics are working when you put the bike up for sale shows it has been well looked after.

Electrics extend far beyond the odd bulb however, and your battery, starter motor and ignition are all vital electrical components of your bike – make sure they’re checked over before you sell.

5. Check the bodywork and paint surfaces

A bike that looks shiny and new is far more appealing to a potential buyer than one that looks like it has seen better days. A really good clean of the paintwork, bodywork and external components will make it look so good that even you may not want to part with it!

Chips on the paintwork and minor touchups should also be dealt with before you sell. Remember - any physical signs that your bike is less than perfect are a red flag for buyers to haggle with you about the price.

Cracked or chipped mirrors should also be replaced and cleaned to within an inch of their lives for maximum good looks and resale value.

Good luck selling your bike (remember – we’re here if you want to make the process ultra-simple!).

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