How to tell when it's time to sell your motorbike

13 July 2018

As hard as it can be to accept, there comes a point in most of our lives when owning and riding a motorbike starts to slip down our list of priorities.

While we know this might happen one day, how can we be sure that now really is the right time to say goodbye?

If you have yet to recognise the signs that it could be time to sell, here are some of the most common precursors to saying goodbye to your beloved motorbike:

1. A baby on the way

The old advertising adage, “new baby forces sale” is as true today as it ever was.

Not only will you want to invest in a 4-wheeled transport option to fill up with car seats, buggy’s and other baby bits, you’ll also find your free time becomes taken up with family focused events.

On the off chance you do decide to keep your bike, you’ll probably never get time to use it anyway.

2. Moving home

While you may be one of the lucky few moving into a bigger pad with plenty of room to house your bike and a big bank balance to pay for it, the reality is that moving home is an expensive business and compromises have to be made.

If you’re buying your first flat for example, chances are you will not have anywhere secure to keep your bike and those never-ending bills will eat into all your hard-earned cash.

Alternatively, you may need to sell your bike to raise a deposit for your new pad.

3. Unaffordable finance

Finance always seems like a great idea, doesn’t it?

But when you struggle to find the cash to meet your repayments every month, it becomes a millstone around your neck.

Finance agreements can help you purchase a bike that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to buy outright, but they’re a long term commitment and any change in your financial situation can turn loands into an added obligation that you can no longer meet.

4. Clear your debts

If you have been living the champagne lifestyle on beer money wages, chances are you may have got yourself into a pickle.
Your motorbike is not just your pride and joy, it’s also one of the most sealable assets that you own.

So, if you need to raise cash quickly, to clear debts incurred for whatever reason, sell up and settle up as soon as you can!

5. It’s falling apart

We all like a tinker in the garage on a Sunday afternoon, but if your bike has become too high a priority on the maintenance stakes, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Motorbikes that spend more time being repaired than they do on the road quickly turn into two-wheeled money pits that simply aren’t worth it. Sell it as spares, or get what you can, and put that money towards something more reliable instead.

6. You just don’t use it

Let’s be honest, if your bike spends all year sat in the garage and is never taken out and enjoyed, there is zero point in owning it.

Even worse, it will be costing you money to tax and insure while it’s sitting there. Reassess your priorities and sell on to someone who will really love it like you used to do.

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