How to spot a true top-end motorbike

24 September 2019

We all dream of owning a high-performance motorbike, whether it’s because of the money you’d be earning to comfortably buy one, or the thrill of riding it out on the open road.

Whether you want a classic, sporty or smooth touring ride, there are several features that all top models should have.

Here are just a few features to look out for that make a true top-end motorbike.

Modern Disc Brakes

One of the essential features of a top-end motorbike is a set of modern disc brakes. While you shouldn’t skimp on the braking system when it comes to any ride, you’ll be able to spot a true top-end motorbike by the sheer responsive quality of the brakes.

You’ll be treated to strong, high-quality disc brakes that react with excellent stability under deceleration, which allow the rider to feel that they are always in complete control.

Liquid cooling

Sometimes, the air around you can’t keep the temperatures from rising on a high-performance motorcycle engine. On a true top-end motorbike, liquid cooling is required to keep your bike’s powerful engine regulated and keep it working at its optimum performance level.

Some bikes might even require both liquid and oil cooling to keep those engine temperatures down, but remember it’s all there to maintain the engine parts so that your bike can have an extended life without costly, unnecessary damage.

Electronic Gadgets

While electronics have filtered down from the quality marques in recent years to most modern bikes, the electronic aids on offer still stand out on a top-end bike. Manufacturers at the forefront are always spending money to research the latest tech that can make a difference to safety and performance for riders willing to pay that bit extra.

From the reasonably commonplace ABS and traction control, electronics can now be used to offer the rider varying power modes, dynamic suspension adjust and even steering assist on newer touring models.


A top-end motorbike must be aerodynamically efficient so that it can maximise the performance of the ride. You’ll associate advanced aero with speedier models, but it’s also important for fuel efficiency and stability on all kinds of bike.

Advancements in aerodynamics that filter down to you, now see lightweight, streamlined models of motorcycle that can maintain sturdiness in high winds and changeable conditions.

Performance tyres

We mustn’t forget how important tyres are for any motorbike, but for a true top-end model, it can make all the difference when it comes to ultimate performance.

We see in all levels of motorsport just how significant tyre wear can be when it comes to maximising the performance of the engine. With that in mind, we should know how to spot an authentic top-end motorbike, by having those quality manufactured tyres married with a high-performance engine.

Wrapping up

Any motorbike enthusiast would be able to spot a genuine top-end motorbike from a mile off, but these five features a sure-fire way to tell high-quality bike specs from the rest.

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