How to ride your motorbike safely this winter

19 November 2019

Every biker knows that riding in the winter can be more dangerous, and some even avoid the biker life altogether at this time of year.

We believe that the weather shouldn’t mean your bike needs to go away for the entire season, and there are ways you can better protect yourself and ensure you ride safely during the winter.

Here are just five tips on keeping safe on your motorbike this winter.

1. Ride on gritted roads

You should be taking extra care on the roads during the winter, as we all know the dangers of black ice, fallen trees, and poor visibility. Where possible, choosing to ride on roads that have seen the gritters the night before will help prevent any accidents on your and keep you safer this winter.

You can still ride your motorbike during the colder months and reduce the risk of any accidents or damage to your bike by following some simple precautions. By checking the weather beforehand, and if the conditions are particularly bad, consider another mode of transport that day.

2. Follow the speed limits

This should be a no brainer, but sticking to the speed limits of all roads will help you stay safe on your motorbike this winter.

With the outside temperatures enticing us back into the warm, it might be tempting to rush home at this time of year. For the sake of you and others on the roads, always drive your motorbike safely and sensibly.

3. Make sure your lights and brakes work

During the winter when the fog and early nights draw in, you’ll find the need to use your lights more for better visibility on your bike.

You should also check your brakes are working at their best due to the winter conditions calling for more chances for emergency braking.

Keeping these safety features of your bike working well is crucial for staying safe on the road this winter.

4. Use signals and be vigilant of others

Everyone on the road needs 360 degrees vision and alertness, and always needs to be responsible for themselves whilst keeping an eye on other people on the road.

During the winter, where ice, debris, and visibility issues are more common and can lead to horrific accidents, your signaling and awareness of others on the road should be second to none. Always signal to other drivers earlier in poorer conditions, just to give them the heads up so you can all stay safe.

5. Make sure you wear the right gear

Riding your bike safely is not just about signals and checking your brakes. You should ensure that you wear the appropriate winter biking gear to keep safe and warm.

Wearing insulated gloves to keep your fingers warm will make sure your reactions aren’t weakened, and bright or high-visibility clothing will keep you seen on the road at all times of the day.

Wrapping up

Checking the integrity of the crucial survival elements of your bike, such as your lights and brakes will mean all the difference for safely riding your bike this winter.

Make sure you keep safe on the roads this winter.

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