How to put yourself in the ‘sell my bike for cash’ mindset

11 July 2019

It’s hard to give up something you once loved, especially something that brings as much pleasure as riding your motorcycle on the open road.

But when the time comes to get yourself a new model or hang up your helmet, and you’re considering selling your current motorcycle, there are a few things you can do to get yourself into the mindset of selling your bike.

Here are a few simple tips for putting yourself in the ‘sell my bike for cash’ mindset.

1. Work out how often you really ride your bike

When was the last time you really took your bike for a spin? Have you been meaning to but haven’t found the time? Or are you just not as interested as you once were?

It’s difficult to justify owning a bike if it’s spending more time in the garage by itself than out on the road with its owner. So, rather than watch it wasting away in the garage, losing value and racking up repair bills, get into the mindset of selling it sooner for cash.

2. Clean it up ready to sell

Bike enthusiasts either love or loathe scrubbing up their beloved bike, but to put yourself into that ‘sell my bike for cash’ mindset, give it one last thorough clean to get it looking it’s absolute best for its potential new owner!

By cleaning up your bike and getting it ready for selling for cash, you’re one step closer to getting into that mindset.

3. Check our site and get a quote

By checking our website and registering an interest in selling your bike for cash with us, you are putting yourself in the ‘sell my bike for cash’ mindset.

Seeing how much your bike is worth will help you make that all-important decision on whether or not to sell your beloved bike. Here at We Buy Used Bikes, we will consider and value any bike up to 10-years-old!

4. Think about all the ways to spend that cash!

A great way to put yourself in the ‘sell my bike for cash’ mindset is to think about all the ways you can spend that extra cash in your pocket once you’ve sold it.

In place of riding your motorbike, have you taken up a new hobby that the cash from your bike could benefit from? Perhaps you have a home improvement planned? Or will the money just help make life a bit easier for a while?

Don’t let that bike sit there devaluing over time - sell it to us today!

Wrapping up

Owning a motorbike can be an enriching experience, and if the time comes to sell up, it might be hard getting into that mindset. We hope the above points have given you some food for thought when making the tough decision to sell your beloved bike.

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