How to extend the life of your motorcycle to increase resale value

18 October 2018

We all know that a brand-new vehicle of any kind decreases in value the second it’s taken out of the showroom. But there are ways to extend the life of your motorcycle that should ensure its resale value is at its absolute maximum when you do finally decide to put it on the market. 

Here are just five ways you can extend the life of your motorbike to increase its resale value.

Look after the engine & ignition

Maintaining your bike’s mechanical parts is the most integral part of extending the life of your bike. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and service scheduling such as changing engine oil every 6 months (or 3,000 miles) will ensure those moving parts don’t wear out before their time.

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the air filter too, as keeping this clean unclogs it, increasing performance and efficiency.

Regularly clean your bike

You want your bike to always look good, and a sparkling clean bike with perfect paintwork will always attract buyers.

Seriously though, neglecting your bike’s cleanliness can result in more long-lasting damages. Missing a deeper surface scratch can result in rust getting under the paint and failing to clean off bird droppings can burn right through wax or paint sealant! Superficial cleanliness can also prevent grit and dirt working its way into the engine or other moving parts.

Grab yourself some decent motorcycle and chain cleaner that won’t damage seals or brake pads, and you’re good to go. Anti-corrosion spray is worth a thought to increase the longevity of your bike’s metal parts.

Regularly schedule in maintenance time and repair damages

For some, bike maintenance is all part of the fun, for others, it can be a chore. To extend the life of your motorcycle, it’s recommended to schedule in regular maintenance time with your bike, ensuring all of your parts are in working order, even when you are not riding or it’s in storage.

Having well maintained tyre pressures and tread depth, brake pads, hydraulic fluid, oil, and headlights not only keep the bike in working order but ensure a safe ride for you too.

Don’t overdo it with upgrades

While some upgrades can in fact increase the longevity of your bike, there are also upgrades and modifications that can decrease its resale value.

Bikes can be an extension of the family for many riders and keeping a tidy example of your motorcycle’s make and model can reward you further down the line when it’s time to sell up.

Wrapping up

Looking after your motorbike by following the four steps above should help you extend the life of your bike, and also prevent you from needing to replace bike parts more regularly, saving you even more cash when it’s finally time to sell.

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