How to convince your other half it’s time to sell their motorbike

21 September 2018

Is your partner stuck in full-blown denial that the motorbike they used to love and cherish is still their top priority?

Have they become complacent and now prefer to drive your car as opposed to using any errand as an excuse to get out on the bike?

Have you had to remind them of the model, or worse, colour of their bike? Then, you know what to do.

Trying to convince anyone to give up something they love can be like taking candy from a baby. You’d expect tears and tantrums until you eventually give in and let them resume their biking passion.

But when the time comes and it’s just not practical for your partner to have a motorbike anymore, how do you break it to them without causing problems?

Here are some ways to tell your other half it’s time to get rid:

1. You don’t use it and it’s taking up valuable space

Getting your other half to acknowledge their negligence can be tricky, but if you can’t remember the last time they actually took their bike out of the garage for a ride, that’s a key sign it isn’t needed anymore, and you should convince them to sell it.

Sometimes, suggesting that someone gets rid of a prized possession results in that person temporarily using it more, just to make a point. Do not fall for this, for in a week’s time, they’ll abandon the bike once more.

2. You’ve started an elaborate beauty regime that didn’t exist before

This is a key sign that your partner has fallen out of love with their bike, and you should convince them to sell.

Since when did they care more about their own physical appearance than their precious bike?

3. It’s costing too much money

With all of the accessories, repairs and other practical expenses such as tax and insurance, they need to prioritise more pressing financial commitments.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, you can offer an empty promise in the form of a compromise. In a few months, maybe, you’ll let them buy a newer bike!

4. You manage to shoehorn bikes into every conversation

Weren’t you discussing the pressing matter of an upcoming parents evening moments ago? How come you’re now somehow talking about bikes?

Maybe the obsession has gone too far, and for the sake of your partner’s wellbeing (and your own sanity), the bike needs to go.

5. You use it too much; it’s me or the bike!

Does your partner spend the majority of their spare time with the bike and not enough time with you?

They might consider it somewhat counterproductive to get rid of their bike, but what if it’s for the sake of your relationship?

In essence, there could be multiple reasons why you feel your partner should sell their motorbike. You know your partner better than anyone, and when you feel the time is right, it probably is.

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