How potential changes to environmental policy might impact motorbike riding

19 December 2019

With the UK set to leave the European Union, there are some changes to environmental policy that affect many areas of everyday life, helping to prioritise the solving of global climate problems before it’s too late.

In a recent article released by the government, the new changes ensure that the present and future governments take responsibility for issues concerning the environment and hope to lead these changes globally.

Motoring is bound to factor into any significant changes, so here’s how some of the environmental policies post-Brexit might impact motorbike riders.

1. Using cleaner fuels

In a campaign to reduce air pollution, the UK is set to introduce a range of cleaner fuels for vehicles using internal combustion engines after Brexit.

Air pollution is not only a general environmental concern but can also affect people’s health with asthma and other breathing difficulties on the rise. Cutting emissions could especially tackle problems in densely populated cities relating to pollution and poisoning for urban residents.

This might mean that prices on petrol and diesel could rise as more eco-friendly options are encouraged nationally to fuel our vehicles. There are already a large number of manufacturers releasing electric-powered bikes and this is only set to increase in the coming years.

2. Vehicles recalled by manufacturers

The government is also planning to cut down on the national use of vehicles that are deemed to produce too much pollution. This might mean older vehicles, or engines that do not have an eco-friendly MPG require converting or modifying to keep them compliant.

In this newly proposed policy, certain vehicles not meeting the required government standards may be recalled by manufacturers. Certain vehicles may even be banned from further production by manufacturers and their usage in the future may be limited.

What could this mean for motorbike riders? Well, depending on the age and condition of your motorcycle, that too could also mean your bike is recalled.

3. Plans to preserve our natural environment

A final, more positive note to take from these changes will be the condition of our surroundings. By implementing a new environmental policy in the UK, the government is set on improving not only the health and wellbeing of British citizens but to ensure that our natural world is better protected and preserved.

With that in mind, you can be assured that those long, beautiful countryside motorbike rides will remain safe and far cleaner for years to come. While the sound of a roaring engine is music to the ears of some, electric motors will also give a quieter and smoother feel to being out on the open road.

Wrapping up

The UK is hoping to both maintain and improve environmental policies, but most importantly for motorbike enthusiasts, there could be changes that impact our riding. Whether we like it or not, Britain needs to help lead the world when it comes to changes in environmental policy.

By reducing carbon emissions, especially where vehicles with traditional engines are concerned, could better preserve and protect our planet.

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