Ride these roads before you sell your bike!

24 November 2018

Many famous motorcyclists would agree that the UK has some of the best scenic roads in the world.

Before you sell your motorbike, don’t miss out on your opportunity to ride down these 6 amazing roads.

1. The North Coast 500, North Scotland

This route has become so popular that there are websites dedicated to advertising its many different routes and itineraries.

Coined Scotland’s Route 66, the North Coast 500 boasts 516 miles of coastal Northern Scottish Highland scenery. Beginning and ending in Inverness, you can expect to encounter beaches, waterfalls and dramatic cliff edges often considered the finest in Europe.

2. Crocketford to Loch Lomand, West Scotland

Another great route that takes you from the border of England into a western Scottish adventure. Again, many people consider this of region of Scotland to have some of the finest mountainous scenery, making it perfect viewing on your bike ride.

Head north of Crocketford along the A712 and A713, and you’ll ride through some of Galloway Forest Park, before heading on a partly coastal route past Ayr on your way to Loch Lomond.

3. Peak District, England

There are many ways to navigate through the Peak District, and many routes that are renowned with bikers, such as the Cat and Fiddle.

This, according to some bikers, has become problematic for traffic and road surveillance, but if you take a slightly longer route through this region of England, you’ll be sure to have a great time biking through the Derbyshire hills for its renowned scenery alone.

Depending on your starting location, there are a variety of route options to take, but we recommend starting just south of Manchester, following the park along the A515.

4. B3311, Cornwall, England

There are plenty of great sights in the South West of England but the B3311 from St. Ives to Sennen will provide you with 18 miles of the best sweeping views of the Cornish coast a quick splash of fuel can buy!

5. Cardiff to Glan Cowny, Wales

If you take this route, you’ll get to ride straight through the centre of wales, from Cardiff in the south to north-east Glan Cowny.

This 185-mile ride mainly uses the A470 to navigate through the Welsh countryside, including both Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Parks. You can expect to ride along many interesting twisting roads and ascend to some of the highest points in Wales.

6. A2 Atrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland

Although this widely renowned route will take you off mainland British Isles to Northern Ireland, we promise the ride is worth it.

From Londonderry all the way around the Irish Sea coast to Derry, you’ll ride through some of the most breath taking scenery the British Isles has to offer.

Wrapping up

For whatever reason you’ve decided to sell your motorbike, you’ll be sure to remember the joy and exhilaration of riding down an iconic or scenic road. So, do yourself a favour and have a ride on one of these amazing roads before you sell your bike.

Just remember to get off your bike once in a while to explore the unspoilt areas around you!

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