20 Epic Road Rage Videos from Motorbike Riders

20 April 2016

20 Epic Road Rage Videos from Motorbike Riders

Road Rage

noun - sudden violent anger provoked in a motorist by the actions of another driver.


Head cams are becoming more of a daily part of every bikers' attire, and not only do they help reduce insurance policies* but capture some truly insane moments too. The feeling of vulnerability is heightened when you have no bumper, fender or side-impact bars to protect you from other traffic, coupled with the torrent of abuse and dangerous maneuvres some idiots will try to pull. We've collated 20 of the best clips from around the world for you here. We've seen everything from a few exchanges of words to a full blown monster truck moment in New York when a super-angry SUV driver runs over a group of bikers, hospitalising two and causing an uproar amongst the community. There are very British stand-offs including a broken wing mirror and a few harsh words as well as a crazed lunatic intent on ramming two bikers off the road. It seems that there are sometimes no boundaries when you're angry and in the confines of your vehicle, but things go to a whole new level when that driver steps out of his car. What would you do? Drive off? Get off your bike and punch him? Or just let the camera do the work?

If you're concerned about your safety or have been at the brunt of a road rage incident recently, there are head-cams available online for very little - why not check out eBay where you can pick up a cheap one from around £15? Some of them don't record constantly so it's worth checking out the description first, but if you're often in a jam it could just be the preventative angry road users need to stop them lashing out!

Stay safe on the road & avoid confrontation! Stop, let them overtake and give them space to cool down! You're better than them!

20. When the traffic stops..



18.Ozzie Road Rage



17. Asian Road Rage



16. Pffft Patriot Drivers



15. Different kinda bike vs white van



14. Female rider vs rednecks



13. Not so brave when the traffic stops



12. There's always an SUV invovled



11. Rage so bad it makes the news



10. How we do road rage in the UK



9. He's just having a bad day



8. Rammed off the road



7. Zis German Guy HATES bikers



6. Bikes vs Toyota Prius



5. Bikes vs Range Rover Driver



4. Gun Pointed at rider



3. Single punch thrown



2. Attack and be attacked!



1. Punches thrown!





How To Deal With Road Rage

Whether driving to work or heading off out with friends, driving any motor vehicle can be stressful at times and demanding, so ensuring you're fit, relaxed and well-rested is essential for safe travel. Have a clear head and a responsible attitude to others on the road when you're out and concentrate on getting to your destination as safe as possible.

BEFORE YOU SET OFF: ensure your mental state is suitable for the road, if you've been arguing, in a highly stressful environment or are even in a bad mood it could affect your decision making and ultimately the way you respond to other drivers. Take time to plan your journeys in advance to avoid delays, make sure you're in a positive mood and focused on your ride, rtaher than the other things going on in your life.

ON THE ROAD: Try not to over-react or panic to other drivers' errors. Remain calm and avoid prolonged eye contact. Keep focused on your own journey, and maintaining your own safety. Avoid unecessary increases in speed or revving, as this only helps to make things more tense. If you're being tailgated, find a suitable area to let them pass and don't be tempted to speed off above the limit or brake unecessarily. Remember, your mission is to stay SAFE as you're the one exposed to the elements on your bike. If you're the one who made a mistake, hold up a hand and offer a friendy acknowledgement. This is often all it takes to avoid an escalating situation.

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