We buy any bike

We buy any Bike!

The time has come. Perhaps you fancy an upgrade (or even a downgrade - nothing wrong with that!); maybe it simply doesn’t get used much anymore; the imminent arrival of a little one might mean it’s time for a break from riding.


Whatever your reason for selling your bike, the team at We Buy Used Bikes will give you the best possible cash offer and make the process of taking it off your hands as simple as it should be.


We’ve spent years buying bikes for fair market valuations and doing so with the love, care and attention that comes from the entire team at We Buy Used Bikes being motorbike enthusiasts.


It’s time to give your motorbike a new home. Let us make the process painless and put the right amount of money in your back pocket!

How much will you buy my bike for?

We take great pride in valuing motorbikes fairly. We’ll buy any bike that’s less that ten years old, but we want to make sure we arrive at a price that works for you and which represents a realistic market value.


We can work out these valuations very quickly, and you can apply for a free valuation online simply by entering your registration number. A member of our team will then contact you to discuss the price.

How do you pay me?

Once we’ve agreed a valuation with you, we’ll normally pay you that day and ensure the funds have cleared before the bike is taken away. We do this via bank transfer to make it ultra-simple to sell your bike to us.


We don’t charge any kind of valuation or inspection fees, either, therefore the price we pay is the price we pay - nothing less!

Is it a hassle-free way to sell my motorbike?

Absolutely! We’ll even collect it!

Compare it to a private sale. That route means you have to list the bike for sale on websites and within magazines and then wait for people to express an interest. Then, you have the inconvenience and stress associated with people turning up to view it and making unrealistic offers.

Private sales of this kind often take forever, and you’ll rarely get the price you want for the bike. That’s why selling your bike to We Buy Used Bikes is absolutely the best and most hassle-free way to get the money you deserve for your motorbike without any stress whatsoever.

How fast can I sell my bike to you?



Our easy-to-use online enquiry form can be filled out in seconds, and you’ll hear back from our team very quickly indeed. Once a price is agreed, the transaction can take place as quickly as you need it to.


Find out why we’re the go-to company for buying motorbikes by calling our friendly team on 01933 665403  or completing the form on our website to sell your bike now!

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