I do not have the v5 document, will you still buy

Unfortunately we won’t buy any bike unless you have the V5 document present and it is in your name. To obtain a replacement V5 document, you can contact the DVLA by phone and for £25 they will post you replacement within 7 days. Alternatively you can write to the DVLA or post a V62 form to them at DVLA, Swansea, SA99. You can download the V62 form directly from their website.

what should i do to ensure you buy my bike?

Firstly, ensure that the information you give us when filling out our form is accurate. If your bike is in fair condition, describe it as such. If there is damage to any area or there are engine issues/electrical problems we need to know first. If we discover these ourselves when coming to view and purchase the bike it will affect the offer price you have received. If your bike is damaged, has faults or needs work we will still offer you a price regardless.

what does it cost to sell to webuyusedbikes ?

Absolutely nothing. Your time (to fill out a few details) is the only sacrifice you'll make in order to get a great price on your motorbike! We don't charge a fee like some other bike buyers do. There are many scams where you'll be asked to pay an appraisal feed of £50-150 and then when they turn up to inspect it, they'll find as many excuses as they can to offer you less than you agreed.

can i drop the bike at yours?

Of course! Our address is The Piggery, Easton Lane,Eastern Maudit,Northampton,NN29 7NH

what days/times do you normally collect?

We'll arrange the best time with you for collection and often work outside of office hours to secure the bikes we are interested in. If you'd rather arrange for us to collect it from a friend or neighbour, we're happy to do this as well.

how long does it take for funds to clear?

It's instant. We'll transfer you the funds there and then. We have a super-cool gadget that lets us pay you on the spot, and we don't load the bike up until the money's in your account.

what regions do you cover?

Our primary regions are Milton Keynes, Northampton, Daventry,Cambridge, Leicester and Bedford, HOWEVER we will travel far and wide for the bikes we like! We have our own buying teams as far north as Scotland, and as far south as Brighton so between us we have most of the UK covered!

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