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Cooperb Motorcycles is the Pride and Joy of its owner and staff. We only retail the very nicest used bikes here. It’s our shop window if you like and we only put the best bikes in it!

I’ve been riding bikes since a child and have only ever worked in the bike trade. As a very young salesman, an industry stalwart once told me “Running a great bike shop easy, you just need to sell the very best bikes, and man it with the very best people” So that’s what I’ve done. There are lots of bigger showrooms, lots of prettier buildings made of glass with air conditioning etc. But I don’t think people always want that, what they do always want is the best bike, prepared by people they can trust at the best price. That’s what we aim to provide. When you buy a used bike from us, it will be prepared in our own workshop, this workshop is led by Pete Ball. Pete has decades of experience on all brands and has only ever been a professional motorcycle mechanic. And as our workshop is still run in the traditional way, when you bring your bike back to us for service or repair, it will probably be Pete you get to speak to. We carry out servicing and repairs to most makes, and we fit discounted tyres and carry out MOT testing all on site 5 days a week.


When we advertise our bikes, some of the ads carry 20 images, so we can take real close up pictures to let the customer see right in to the nooks and crannies of the bike from the comfort of their own home. We love to do this with our own retail bikes because it allows us to show off the condition and the quality of the bikes we sell.

Our retail showroom has been open for over 8 years and we now have a reputation for selling immaculate bikes, as this reputation grows demand grows with it. This means we need to buy more and more bikes, hence the need for

At Cooperb, we love to ride bikes. All bikes, so if you’d like to join us on say a track day, or out on the green lanes on our Enduro bikes, check out our facebook page & contact us today

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