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www.webuyusedbikes.co.uk is a team of experienced professionals. Our aim is simple; to buy as many quality used motorcycles as is humanly possible - 52 weeks of the year. We need bikes to stock our own retail showroom, but also we supply stock for some of the UK’s premier dealerships, each with different requirements, our demand for used bikes is constant. We’ve been at this over 25 years & in the bike trade we know just about everybody, so we will most often pay more for your bike than local traders.

We started in the bike trade in 1986 and haven’t looked back since! We have literally bought and sold thousands of machines and still it often seems like we have the best job in the world! We all ride bikes, and between us we enjoy Road Bikes, Track Bikes, Enduro Bikes, Trials Bikes, and even though some of us are getting on a bit now, we still ride Moto Cross bikes! We have our own bikes so although part of our business is running a busy Motorcycle shop, we understand what it’s like to lavish love and attention on our own pride and joys. Sometimes personal sacrifices are made by riders to maintain bikes and these bikes mean a lot to their owners. We recognise this and it’s the “Pride and joy” bikes that we are really after. Clean undamaged, un-corroded but very well polished machines are our speciality. We understand how some bikes are genuinely loved and we reflect this in our bid and in our service. After all, if you have cherished your bike it stands to reason that it should be worth more money than a similar bike that has rarely been cleaned or poorly maintained.

Northamptonshire Showroom

At our retail showroom in Northamptonshire, we offer clean, well maintained, pre loved bikes in excellent condition and with service history. We have a high turnover of, Adventure Bikes, Sports Bikes, Sports Tourer’s, All Rounder’s, Naked Bikes, Commuter Bikes, Learner Bikes, Super Moto’s and Trail Bikes. These all need constantly replacing and we are constantly on the lookout for quality used bikes. If we haven’t bought it, we can’t sell it!!

Personal Service

We offer a personal service, and when we receive your enquiry form, it will be reviewed by our Senior buyer Ian Cooper. It will most likely be Ian who will contact you in person and he will be your contact throughout the process. Contactable by landline, email or mobile, you can talk to him easily at almost any time.

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