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What motorbike can I get after passing my test?

Short answer: Aged 16-17? 50cc Moped restricted to 28mph. Aged 17+? 125cc Moped or Motorbike 

What is a learner legal bike?

Learner legal bikes are quite simply, motorised bicycles (motorbikes to you and I) of no more than 125cc engine size. You can ride a learner-legal moped from the age of 16 using a provisional license on condition you passed compulsory basic training. If you're aged between 16 and 17, your first moped must be a solo machine (ie it must only have a seat big enough for 1 rider. be no more than 50cc and have a top speed of 28mph. Of course once you reach the age of 17, you can upgrade to a motorcycle. For this reason, a speed restrictor is required on any moped capable of acheiving more than 28mph for 16 year olds.

Of course, the moped must be taxed and insured too with visible L plates on the front and rear.

"I want a Vespa"

Something you might hear from any new u17 rider. While these are iconic and easy on the eye, they're not the most economical of rides, especially when it comes to servicing and the inevitable repairs you'll incur as a learner still struggling to get used to the size and weight of the bike. There are some that still fall under the 50cc category, but many new models (and old) are much more powerful. A few alternatives you could consider includ the Yamaha Aerox 50, Piaggio Zip 50 or if you're really set on a Vespa you could go for the the Primavera 50 2T.

Once you're 17, there are a load more options, as you'll be able to ride upto 125cc and trade in your moped for a motorcycle.

"I want the biggest looking 125cc I can get"

Might be something you'd say to yourself having just hit 17, ready to shake off the stigma attached to riding a motorised hairdryer for the past year. However, we'd advise you to limit your spending until you're fully licensed. You can quickly outgrow a 125cc and once you've had some experience on it, you'll no doubt fancy something bigger, more powerful. Our advice is to spend as long as possible on your 125cc, get used to the way it handles, make the mistakes on a cheaper bike and limit the cost of repairs when you scrape it or hit a kerb. Safety and confidence should develop at the same pace, but it's all too easy to get confident without having the experience to handle potholes, sharp corners and country roads. It can be an expensive learning curve if you spend all your cash on a 'dream bike' so soon after passing your test.

Saying that, you can pick up some really nice 125s if money is no object. The Yamaha YZF-R125 is a world-class supersport and will set you back over 4 grand, plus you've got to insure it too. It's pretty much a smaller version of the R6 or R1 bikes. The KTM Duke is also a top option and a great looking bike that will handle well with loads of styling options and parts upgrades available online. Again, a new one will set you back £4000, but there are many more cheaper options we would recommend;

KSR Code X 125Rieju RS3 125 LC NKD | Suzuki Van Van 125 |  Yamaha YBR125

All the above will set you back less than 4 grand, with a range of second hand bikes available from £2k upwards.

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Learner Bikes We Buy

Honda CBR-125 Honda CBF-125
Honda Varadero 125 Yamaha YBR-125
Yamaha Y2F-R125 Yamaha XT-125
Suzuki GZ-125 Suzuki Maurauder 125

We're busy creating a list of bikes we've bought in the past, as yet we've not finished writing this list, as there's so many! If your bike isn't listed above, please contact us as we will still buy it!