What to buy a motorbike lover for Christmas

What do you buy the man or woman who loves motorbikes and who already seems to have it all?

Not an easy one, eh? However, we think there are a few present ideas for two-wheeled petrolheads that will make Christmas for them (and you) very special indeed.

In this blog post, we’re going to list six awesome Christmas present ideas for people who absolutely love their motorbikes.

1. A trickle charger

Sound like a boring present? Well, maybe, yes, but a trickle charge is a must-have if you value your bike at all.

It’s particularly important at this time of the year when many bikes spend more time in the garage undercover from the elements than on the road. It’ll ensure the battery remains in tip-top condition and always ready for the open road. It will therefore be loved.

2. Two vital pieces of ‘clothing’

Bear with us on this one.

Firstly, we recommend buying a neck warmer for your motorbiking friend of family member. This is a thoughtful pressie, as it indicates that you understand just how cold they’ll be while undertaking back road blasts in the colder weather.

The second clothing option… well, it isn’t really clothing at all, and it does sound a bit odd. Latex gloves. Yup - they’ll love a great big box of these, because motorbike riders know that these little hand protectors will be incredibly useful whenever they need to undertake a spot of maintenance at the side of the road.

3. Winter gloves

Ok, we’re continuing the clothing theme, but for good reason.

At this time of the year, every sensible rider needs winter gloves. Your hands get incredibly cold while motorbiking in the winter, but there are some fantastic gloves on the market with thermal properties that keep Jack Frost out of the picture and incapable of ruining a perfectly enjoyable ride.

4. A decent torque wrench

No one wants to find themselves at the side of the road thanks to a bolt that wasn’t correctly tightened. Although, sometimes, the consequences can be far, far worse.

With that in mind, a decent torque wrench will be a very welcome present come Christmas Day. You can get some fab, compact digital wrenches these days that help motorbike owners ensure every bolt on their machine is tightened to the manufacturer’s liking.

5. Bike cover

Another great present for riders who don’t intend to use their bikes all year round.

Bike covers do wonders when motorbikes are stored for long periods of time, and are a welcome addition to any biker’s gear. They’re relatively inexpensive, too (expect to pay £50 or so, max).

6. Tank bag

Although not every motorbike owner’s cup of tea, a decent tank bag will be very welcome indeed for some.

It enables a surprising amount of stuff to be stored on top of the tank in a waterproof, rugged compartment, and if your friend of family member uses their bike to commute regularly, it’ll be incredibly useful.

There we have it - six awesome Christmas present ideas for motorbike owners. That means we’ve got you through at least the next six years!

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