Sell my bike: how to prepare your pride and joy for sale

So, you’ve decided to sell your motorbike. It’s been one of the toughest decisions you’ve had to make, but you know it makes sense.

It might because you simply don’t take it on enough rides to warrant the expense or that you have decided to replace it with something else. Whatever the reason, you need to begin the process of preparing it for sale - now.

To guarantee the best sale for your motorbike and give it the send off it deserves, follow these five ultra simple tips:

1. Give it the clean of its life

This is usually one of the saddest parts of preparing a bike for sale, but when you’ve decided that the next thing you need to do is ‘sell my bike’, you need to start by giving it a clean.

A through clean, that is; make it sparkles as though it has just left the factory. The downside is that it’ll look so good you’ll want to keep it, but you’ll have to try and look past that…

2. Repair and replace

If there are big mechanical issues that need sorting, you need to weigh up the cost versus the likely impact on the sale price.

If you can’t afford a big repair or it simply feels too uneconomical to do so, focus instead on the smaller stuff (blown bulbs, that sticky brake, the large stone chip on the tank - that kind of thing) and be honest about what’s outstanding.

3. Return to standard

If you’ve modded the bike in a way that can be ‘un-modded’, do so.

Most people will look for standard bikes rather than anything that has been tinkered with, therefore if you carefully remove any aftermarket stickers or additions, you might obtain a better price.

4. Ensure it runs well

If it’s your daily ride, then you should already know whether or not the bike is fit for the road (hopefully that’s exactly what it is if you’re using it that often!), but if it’s been tucked away in the garage for months, you’ll need to give it a ride to check everything’s ok.

Take it out and make sure everything works. If something bugs you about the way it rides, investigate, and revert to tip 2.

5. Treat it to a service

You’ve loved this bike (we assume!), therefore you should pay it one last piece of respect by giving it a mini service.

If you’re handy with the tools, do this yourself to save cost, or call on your favourite mechanic to do it for you. It might seem an odd thing to do when selling, but it’s yet another thing you can say when you approach buyers. “Recently serviced” is always a nice thing to hear!

Final thought

There’s some boring stuff to tend to while preparing a bike for sale, as well. Namely - paperwork.

Ensure you have all paperwork for the bike to hand, including previous MOTs, receipts and service records.

Then - give us a call!

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