Our 5 favourite motorcycle videos this week

With so much awesome motorbike-related video content on the web, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Easy! You rely on We Buy Used Bikes to occasionally point you in the direction of our favourite vids.

After a quick scour, here's our top 5 from this week:

1. Factory warning sticker removal

Yeah, we know those warnings are important, but we also know them like the back of our hands. So, let's get rid!


2. Electric motorcycles

They're the future, we're told, but there's no doubting the heavy heart most motorcyclists will have when they consider a future without petrol. Regardless, this video is still worth a watch, because it's enlightening:


3. 5 pre-ride tips

You definitely don't want to leave the house without watching this video - literally!


4. One hell of a swerve

Check this out for a breath-taking piece of disaster avoidance. Stunning riding:


5. Not quite so lucky... but, wait!

This guy isn't quite as lucky as the rider above, but the outcome is still something of a miracle:


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