Fuel saving tips for motorbike riders

Let’s get this straight - motorbikes are generally far more economical than cars, which is why they’re so adept at matching awesome thrills with very little impact on your wallet.

Despite this, there are plenty of ways riders can increase their range even further and get more miles out of the tank than they’d perhaps think.

It’s tempting to boot it every time you hit a clear bit of road, and we’re absolutely not suggesting you avoid doing that - the following tips are purely for general riding and will be of particular use to commuters.

Keep it well maintained

It’s easy to look past the economical benefits of keeping your motorbike well maintained.

Make sure you replace air and fuel filters regularly - especially if the weather is particularly dry and if you’re fond of off-roading.

Even regular servicing will have a noticeable impact on fuel efficiency and the stuff you normally put off (keeping tyre pressures up, for instance) will also help.

Use slipstreams

Rossi might use slipstreams to gain extra speed, but on the road, you can use them to boost your mileage.

Get yourself behind a tall vehicle (a minibus or truck, for example), at a safe distance that gives you enough stopping time and the ability to still see the road ahead, and ride in its slipstream.

The bike will benefit from reduced drag and consequently use less fuel.

Take the motorway

Where possible - and if you’re not out on a Sunday afternoon blast - take the motorway rather than indulging in stop-start traffic.

Riding through busy towns isn’t much fun at the best of times, and with motorways usually flat and less curvy, you’ll maintain a nice, even speed.

Fill up early

A little known fact is that fuel is more condensed when it’s cold, which means you get more energy per litre.

It’s not going to save you hundreds of pounds, but if you can fill up in the morning, you should find small gains are made (and they all add up!).

Don’t ride aggressively

Motorbike riding is all about the joy of sitting on two wheels and feeling at one with the road. It isn’t about ragging your beloved machine constantly beyond the redline.

Keep your revs low, use the upper ranges of the power band only when you absolutely need to and shift down rather than giving it full throttle when you need to pick up the pace.

Buy smaller

This tip only really applies if you’re in the market for a new bike, because buying a new bike certainly isn’t a way to improve the effect your passion has on your wallet.

However, if you are looking to buy and have some concern about fuel efficiency, opt for a smaller bike (a scooter, if need be!) and ask dealers about how economic the bikes you’re consider are. It really isn’t a daft question - trust us.

Wrap up

Our tips above aren’t guaranteed to make you go further for less, but they should have a positive impact on how often you need to hit that fuel stop.

Most importantly - enjoy your riding, because it’s absolutely possible to do that, even if you do so economically.

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