5 excuses to ride your bike this festive season

At the time of writing, it’s that weird bit between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. The ‘nether zone’, if you like.

For motorbike riders, this period can be hellish. You need to see the family (obviously), and ensure you spend plenty of time at home and away from work (obviously), but, really, there’s only one thing you want to do.


So, how do you mix the family and festive stuff with a decent back road blast on tarmac that is satisfyingly quiet?

Here’s some excuses to get you out of the house:

1. You need to get supplies

There’s a tonne of stuff the family needs at this time of the year, right? And you didn’t buy that back storage box for nothing, eh?

So, make it your turn to nip to the shops to get supplies for tonight’s festive goodness.

Via the long route, obviously.

2. You’ve got cabin fever

Think about how much time you’ve spent cooped up inside this Christmas. You’ve watched every film worth watching and depressed yourself with relentless Eastenders misery.

It’s time to get out and stretch your legs (and the bike’s). People will understand, and you’ll only get increasingly grumpy, otherwise - therefore it really is best for everyone.

3. You promised your mate something

You really did. And it involves going to their house. Honest.

Ok, you didn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a brief trip out to say “hi” to a buddy you’ve not seen for a while. It’s the time of festive cheer, after all.

Few better halves or kids will resent you for going to see one of your friends at this time of the year. It just so happens you need to take the bike in order to get there…

4. The bike needs to enjoy Christmas, too

Hey, it’s only metal, fluids and rubber, but it wants to enjoy the festive period, too.

Your bike may have spent most of the winter in the garage, so why not give it a Christmas treat of it’s own and take it out on those back roads for an hour or so?

5. It’s safer

Ok, we may be stretching this one a bit, but if you pick the right roads at this time of the year, they’ll be incredibly quiet. That means less commuters to get in your way and cause potentially dangerous issues and virtually no overtaking required.

That should make those close to you less nervy about you you reaching for the keys.

Wrapping up

One last tip: if you’ve received a bike-related pressie this year, it’ll represent the perfect excuse to make a brief exit from the house and hit the roads.

Enjoy this time of they year and don’t, whatever you do, neglect your precious bike - it will take you out of any Christmas lull into which you’ve managed to fall!

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