If you're in the market to buy or sell a motorbike, you've come to the right place.

We've been buying and selling a wide range of motorcycles, from learner legals to sports bikes & tourers for over 25 years and take pride in sourcing and selling the best quality used bikes across the UK. We have our own showroom in Northampton and have buyer agents UK-wide who will give you a price over the phone and collect it from your door. We buy ANY bike, regardless of it's make or model as long as it's less than 10 years old and your description of it is accurate.

Take a look at what we do:

Selling your used bike - FAST!

If you need to raise some cash for a new purchase or just want to upgrade your wheels to something more slick, we offer a super quick turnaround on motorbike valuations and transfer the cash directly into your bank on day of collection. There are three easy steps to selling your bike:

1. Fill out our valuation form online here
2. Accept our offer
3. We collect & pay you.

We are always monitoring the current market values of every make and model of bike to ensure you get the very best price without any bartering! Don't fall for the £50 inspection scams! We've all heard of the bike buyers that offer you a price, require an inspection charge and then turn up and offer you much less. We don't charge upfront, in face we don't charge you AT ALL! Our business has been built on honesty and transparency and and 25 years of trading bikes has taught us that we don't need any gimmicks to make a profit, just a great service & a fair deal.

Buying A Used Motorbike

We stock a wide range of sports bikes, tourers, street bikes, adventure bikes & retro bikes and spend time sourcing only the best examples for sale. We don't buy crap because we don't want to supply you with the same!

There are a tonne of safety checks you should carry out when looking for a new bike and knowing what common problems to look out for is part of our skill and experience. This is why we do a 59 point check on all vehicles before we sell them and have a HUGE database of common faults to look out for on every make and model of motorbike we buy.

If you'd like to take a look at our current deals on motorbikes at our Northampton showroom, you can visit us at Cooper B Motorcycles where our bikes are available to buy online.

Things you can check for yourself when buying a new bike:


  • KEYS

Look out for crash damage: paint mismatches, non-standard parts and scuffed wheels are key indicators. Make sure the wheels aren't buckled, pads aren't severely worn (indicating neglect) or calipers aren't too dirty - this often indicates that it's not been recently fettled. Look out for chips and dents, especially on the headlights which are expensive to replace. Any welds that look a bit messy are also a big warning sign of something untoward and you should avoid any bike that has been self-repaired in this manner. The general rule of thumb is too look for wear and tear. Chain and sprockets that are dry and rusty mean the bike's had a tough life and has been neglected. If that's the case, what else have they neglected to look after?

At WeBuyUsedBikes we do all the checking for you and we'll talk you through it as we look over your bike. If you're selling your old bike to us, our valuation form gives you the chance to declare any bumps, scrapes or issues you have with your bike before we offer you a price, so we can ensure you get the best value. Our on-site maintenance centre is where all our bikes start out, being thoroughly checked over, cleaned and shined before they leave for their new life with you at the handlebars!